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The best products in the market – all Formaldehyde-Free and “Cruelty-Free” / Not Tested on Animals. FDA- Approved.

Prices can change after consultation. Please feel free to call, or Whatsapp us to get a more accurate estimate.

We also offer online personalized consultation through a video call.
$50/ hour

ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: Cash, Debt cards, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Zelle.

*Please note, taxes will be added and tip is appreciated!


Haircuts & Styling

Women Haircut


Wash, cut and blowout

CURLY Haircut


For this service you need to come with your hair detangled.

Dust-Free/ Corte Bordado


This service is for LONG or MEDIUM HAIR, and requires you to come in with your hair DRY, CLEAN and STRAIGHT. It is a maintenance appointment where we ``dust`` the very ends on dry hair, and move up the hair shaft cutting off whatever split ends are sticking out. Perfect for ladies trying to grow their hair long; please DO NOT book this service if you are looking for any change in style OR length.



Shampoo, condition, and blow-dry. Curling iron wave or flat iron is an additional $20 each.



The hair needs to be clean and blow-dried straight, then we style it with curly or flat irons


Hair Therapy

Scalp Consultation


Includes a 1 hour in person consultation with our Hair therapist Laiz Casagrande, where you will need to fill it up an Anamnesis test, and also bring pictures of every hair product you have at home. Laiz will examine your scalp with the help of a dermatoscope, and then address possible issues.

Deep Conditioning


It includes washing your hair with a special shampoo and applying a hair treatment for 15-20 min. Rinse it and towel dry it.

*A blowout its not recommended when you do deep conditioning with hydration or nutrition. The hair needs to air dry and do not be washed for the following 48h for better results.

Hair Therapy


Hair therapy is a customized treatment that takes care of the hair and scalp according to it's needs. We offer infused oils, natural clay, ozone therapy, LED therapy, high-frequency, low laser frequency, scalp exfoliation, hair detox, ionization, tea therapy, and special treatments to do prior and after balayage/highlights.

*One single session is $180 ( if you buy packages the sessions varies from $100 to $150)

Vegan Wax Hair Treatment


Truss Infusion Treatment is 100% Vegan Wax Base, Highly Moisturizing, Reconstructing, Anti-Aging, Anti-Frizz, provides Softness, Extra Shine, and adds a Protective Layer to Seal Cuticles.

*For this process please come with your unwashed hair for at least 2 days.


Brazilian Hair Volume Control

Brazilian Hair Botox


Treatment to repair the hair fiber and reduce the volume. It is a complex of nutrients, amino acids, and a blend of 7 royal oils that cause a natural change in the strand. It works by filling the hair fiber with mass replacement and allows partial recovery of damaged hair, acting where more hair needs care forming a protective layer, locking in moisture, and sealing the cuticle. It’s an innovative treatment to make your hair easier to take care of at home. The result is soft hair, full of shine, healthy, and hydrated. This process does not make your hair straight, but it does help you to blowout it faster. If your hair is super curly you won't lose the curls, they might get looser.

Lasts 2-3 months.


Frizz Reduction from Truss


Is a formaldehyde-free anti-frizz smoothing treatment that restores and moisturizes damaged hair for immediate recovery in just one application. High Liss TRUSS provides the hair with intense treatment, reducing volume, frizz, and delivering spectacular progressive results at the same time that its violet pigments will neutralize unwanted warm tones. It reduces the blow-dry time, leaving hair shiny and with the cuticles sealed.

Brazilian Protein-Keratin


The Brazilian keratin-protein is indicated to treat frizzy, bulky, thick or very curly and volume hair. The treatment promotes the fusion of active restorative properties responsible for controlling the volume, making it more resistant to regenerating internal hair strands. The result is visibly regenerated hair, totally disciplined, silky, with anti-frizz protection. The process smoothens even the most rebellious hair. There are no aggressive and preserving chemicals, this treatment makes the hair 80% straight in just one application, but also gives it a more natural look. It is compatible with other chemicals and coloring.

Lasts 3-6 months




Gloss/Highlights/Single Color

by consultation

All color services have to be consulted by one of our colorists, just send us a message on WhatsApp with a picture of your hair and what you need.




Eyebrow Care

Eyebrow Care

Brow Lamination + Treatment


Brow Lamination + Treatment + Color


Eyebrow Coloring




Design + Henna


Upper Lip Hair Removal with Threading


Full Face Threading